Moringa Powder Benefits

The world's most nutritious tree Moringa leaf powder contains approximately 20 types of amino acids, 46 types of antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds – All natural 90+ nutrients make for the best natural nutritional supplement. It is a tremendous source of bio-available minerals like Iron, calcium and vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Macro Minerals, Trace Minerals, Phyto nutrients. Moringa leaves are a good source of bio available quality protein & dietary fiber.
Because we use only very low level temperature during the freeze drying process to remove water from our superior variety fresh moringa the result of dried moringa leaf that more nutritious than it would with other types of drying. Gram to Gram comparison with ORGANIC VEDA Unique Gentle cool dried moringa leaf with specific nutrient rich foods

  • 11 times the Vitamin A in Carrot
  • 4 times the Vitamin C in Orange
  • 5 times the Vitamin B1 in Cowpea
  • 30 times the Vitamin B2 in Almond
  • 17 times the Calcium in Milk
  • 26 times the Iron in spinach
  • 15 times the Fibre in Wheat
  • 2 times the Protein in Egg
  • 18 times the Potassium in Banana

The organic veda moringa powder is highest in nutrient level to meet the day-to-day human nutrient requirements. In countries where the main diet is a starchy dish, the sauce served along with is exceptionally nutritious. It could easily be added to such sauces, as a source of protein, vitamins, minerals and as a source of the sulfur-containing amino acids methionine and cystine, which are often in short supply. Virtually every household can maintain a stock of Moringa oleifera powder.

Moringa leaves powder can be added to any food or beverage and it will increase the vitamin, mineral and protein content. For healthy individuals, a few spoonfuls of moringa oleifera leaf powder can be added to any meal to make it more nutritious. Since the nutrient content of moringa Leaf Powder decreases if exposed to heat, add the powder after the food or drink has been prepared, just before serving. There are endless ways to incorporate moringa leaf powder into the diet. The Moringa leaf powder can be used as a tea, added to beverages, sprinkled on food or taken in capsules. Moringa powder can be used in cooking or salads. 

Moringa leaf powder has so many health benefits to nourish your body. Moringa leaf boosts your energy in a natural manner. Another property of the Moringa leaf is its soothing ability, because of which it can lower the blood pressure and promotes good sleep. 



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